In the capital of Aragon, coffee culture has its own privileged space: ‘Ágora Cafés Orús’, a place to get to know and enjoy the exciting world of coffee.

This is a multi-sensory experience, a key benchmark for enthusiasts, researchers and professionals linked to the most consumed drink in the world.

‘Ágora Cafés Orús’ features an annual activities programme that is based around coffee: a largely unknown drink that is wrapped up in far-fetched polemic and legends. It is an exclusive workspace, an arena for conversation, reflection and stimulating the senses.

Aside from our Coffee School, you will find many surprises:

One of the largest coffee collections in Spain. A journey into the past through our company’s packaging.

A green coffee sensory workshop, run by Marisa Beltrán. A multi-purpose space to hold talks, round tables, workshops and to undertake cultural activities over a coffee, coordinated by Javier Marco.

A “Barista’s Corner” where Gerardo Cabrejas reveals the secrets to creating the perfect coffee and unveils the surprising and spectacular possibilities of coffee, creating assorted cocktails and preparations.

Every month a hundred coffee friends visit us, among who are business groups, associations and groups of friends who have come to see us again. The doors are open to each and every one of you. Just gather a group of 15 to 25 people and make your reservation. For a reservation, write to us at: .

We’ll be waiting to welcome you to ‘Ágora Cafés Orús’ to delight your senses with the greatest smell in the world and to share the exciting experience of coffee culture.

Agora: slow-cooking ideas

The term Agora, as we all know, comes from Ancient Greece and its many connotations characterise our annual programming. Agora evokes meetings, wide-ranging conversations, exchanges of ideas and experiences, or a public place where simple or keen reflections on matters of business, social life, culture or politics are slowly cooked. A space where we hope to see you, under the auspices of our all-seeing goddess: coffee.