Cafés Orús is a point of reference in Spanish coffee culture. It is no coincidence that we chose to produce coffee.

In the early 1900s, Orús began to operate in Zaragoza, roasting coffee and chocolate. The raw materials arrived from overseas in sacks and were roasted daily in our shop near the Central Market.

This was the birth of our passion for coffee and for doing things well and the origin of a family-run company whose business project has continued to the present day, now in the hands of Managing Director José María Marco.

By the 30s we already had one of the most up-to-date factories in Spain for industrial coffee production. The building consisted of two large floor spaces and featured the first electrically-powered machines.

In the 70s, coinciding with the freeing up of the coffee market, we added the latest features of the time to receive green coffee – classification, silage, roasting and packaging of coffee.

In the present day, Cafés Orús produces a wide variety of coffees (beans, ground, single-dose and soluble), whose origin is primarily Central America.

The products created by Cafés Orús – and its business management – have received numerous prizes and accolades. We dedicate each and every one of the accolades received to you. Without your loyalty, exigency and passion for coffee, we would never have come so far.

We would like to share our passion for coffee – something we have been working on for over a century – with all of you. The time has gone by in a flash, while we were concentrating on seeking out and creating the finest product, wherever it may be found – in the most prestigious of locations or the farthest of places – to deliver it every day in optimum conditions right into your coffee cup.

Welcome. Fancy a coffee?

Since 1900… A lifetime together